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Every project is different and every problem can have multiple solutions. This is why Eol places a whole range of services and solutions at your disposal, to allow you to tailor them to fit your exact needs and resources. As a creator of work spaces, eol's approach centres on listening carefully to the nature and requirements of your project, in order to formulate an effective response that will cater to anything from a simple stock product order to a larger scale undertaking involving multiple fields of expertise.
Brimming with fresh ideas and novel solutions, our team of experts are on hand to provide advice and support at every turn of a project, from inception to completion.


   Listen and evaluate

At the center of every office space stands a user. Its only by ensuring his personal well-being and ability to take ownership of his immediate work environment that a wider sense of well-being at work, personal engagement and performance can be achieved. The design and conception of a new office fit-out must take into consideration individual needs within a collective setting, as well as future strategic evolutions.



   Creation and design

This is where we give free reign to our creativity and work with you to design the furniture that best fits your needs, styling preferences and identity. We look at the design, choice of materials, spatial requirements, features and functions. This is also when we bring our team of architects on board to work on providing solutions to more challenging aspects of the office fit-out (shared and communal spaces, spatial optimisation, etc.). Together, these are the essential ingredients needed to assert your company's corporate identity and culture.



   Development and prototypes

Throughout the creative process, our design team will produce and present prototypes for your approval before moving on to the definitive product development phase. This crucial process ensures that the end product will always meet your expectations.



   Manufacture and production

Three Eol facilities ensure production deadlines and product quality standards are consistently met. Our products are manufactured in France and aim to comply with standards that promote respect for the environment.



   Delivery and deployment

Eol can guarantee ultra-fast delivery and assembly thanks to its extensive distribution and warehousing network. Starting out from a 30,500 m² central warehouse that holds over 90,000 product references permanently kept in stock, your orders are then expedited to one of 9 Eol regional distribution platforms in Europe.
On turnkey projects, a network of 200 qualified professional installers can then be relied upon to manage the full office fit-out process, including installing equipment or undertaking any preparatory works needed.



   Quality / Guarantee

Our quality guarantee policy is based on successfully meeting regulatory and legal requirements, complying with EU standards relating to office furniture, as well as with certification requirements established by the NF Environment, NF OEC and GS labels. A significant majority of our products offer extensive levels of guarantee.