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Bees (FR, Paris)

Bees (FR, Paris)

BEES is an Advertising and Communications agency based in Paris. EOL was responsible for the design and fit-out of the agency’s new office space.


Project data

30 people on shared workstations (bench) + Reception + 2 meeting rooms + storage and utility area + Cafeteria + break out area, all within a new 320 m2 open plan space.

Eol solution

Shared 4 or 6-person bench workstations (4 MOST range) + Chairs (NET@WORK) + Mobile pedestals with cushion pads.
Reception and break out areas featuring SALSA & BIP BOP easy chairs, BIP BOP footstools and OLYMPE low tables.
GELATI canteen chairs and high stools.
TIMOR high meeting table.
A variety of storage solutions (tambour cupboards, melamine covered sliding doors, office lockers).
Delivery/installation lead-time 2 days


Paris 75019


Our client wanted to create a lively, rewarding and youthful work environment for its employees.
The end objective was twofold:

  • Create a work environment with a contemporary feel that stimulates communication and creative interactions.
  • Accentuate the agency’s image in order to welcome its clients within a serene and appealing space.